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Laboratory animal instrument


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Activity&Exploration :

IR Actimeter, Activity Wheel

Depression : Forced-swimming test, Tail Suspension test

Motor Function&Coordination :

RotaRod, Treadmill, Rotometer, Grip test

Anxiety :

Black and White Box, Elevated-Plus Maze, Vogel test

Learning&Memory-Attention :

Passive Box, Shuttle Box, Radial Maze, Reward Self-administration, Spatial Place Preference, Startle Reflex and Fear Conditioning,5/9 Holes

Pain&Inflammation :
Tail-Flick test, Hot/cold plate, Rat Paw Pressure, Von-Frey, Plethysmometer,Incapacitance test


Video tracking

Metabolism, Food&Drink Intake and Activity :
Physiocage, Treadmill, Rat Neonate, Phecomp


Organ bath :
Tissue bath, Transducers, Recorders, Stimulators, Software


Laboratory :
Homeothermic System, Thermometers, Infusion Pumps, Anethesia Systems, Pyrogen Test,Stereotaxic


Indirect Pressure N.I.B.P. :
Non-invasive Blood Pressure System

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Mold Medical Components
Custom Medical cables and connectors
Neuroscience Cannula Systems

Screenshot (269).png

Neurosceince/Physiology Research Equipment
Any-maze (Video tracking for behavioral experiments)
Psychological Tests
Polygraph instruments

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